Top 10 B. R. Ambedkar Quotes and Status photos HD

Top 10 B. R. Ambedkar Quotes and Status photos HD

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About B. R. Ambedkar:

B. R. Ambedkar Photos
B. R. Ambedkar Photos

India’s first law and justice minister, the major architect of the Constitution of India, Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar popularly known as Babasaheb Ambedkar. He was born on 14 April 1891(Celebrated as Ambedkar Jayanti) at military cantonment of Mhow, Madhya Pradesh. He was an Indian jurist, economist, politician and social reformer. He lead campaigned against social discrimination towards the untouchables (Dalits) in India. He studied at Elphinstone College and went to United States for postgraduate studies at Columbia University. Then he enrolled for the Bar course at Gray’s Inn and moved to London for postgraduate studies at the London School of Economics.

In his early career Babasaheb Ambedkar was an economist, professor, and lawyer. Then he contributed towards socio political activities. B. R. Ambedkar’s legacy includes numerous memorials and depictions in popular culture. He was awarded India’s highest civilian award the Bharat Ratna in 1990.

B. R. Ambedkar Quotes

Seek out here the well known  sociopolitical person and the architect of the constitution of India and the founding father of the Republic of India B. R. Ambedkar’s top Inspirational Quotes, Quotes on Constitution, Quotes for Equality, Family Quotes, Love Quotes and B. R. Ambedkar Photos status. B. R. Ambedkar was a great thinker and dedicated person we draw we Indian towards republic, he gave so many thought that motivates us. Motivational quotes of B. R. Ambedkar for all aspirants with its status pictures in hd for Whats app, Facebook and Instagram download free.

B. R. Ambedkar Quotes

1. “We are Indians, Firstly and Lastly”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Constitutional Quotes Images

2. “Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Photos

3. “Life should be great rather than long”- B. R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes Status Pictures

4. “So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Civilization Quotes

5. “Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar on Women

6. “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Equality Quotes

7. “I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity.”- B. R. Ambedkar

Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes

8. “Lost rights are never regained by appeals to the conscience of the usurpers, but by relentless struggle…. Goats are used for sacrificial offerings and not lions.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Husband Wife Quotes

9. “The relationship between husband and wife should be one of closest friends.”- B. R. Ambedkar

B. R. Ambedkar Equality Quotes Pictures10. “Equality may be a fiction but nonetheless one must accept it as a governing principle.”- B. R. Ambedkar


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