World Art Nouveau Day 2024 Wishes and Status Images

World Art Nouveau Day 2024 Wishes and Status Images

World Art Nouveau Day

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World Art Nouveau Day (WAND) is an event dedicated to “Art Nouveau” that is celebrated annually on 10 June to create more awareness of Art Nouveau heritage among the public.. 10 June – is the anniversary of the death of two famous architects of the movement, Antoni Gaudí, and Ödön Lechner.

World Art Nouveau Day 2024

On 10th June 2020, the Réseau Art Nouveau Network will celebrate World Art Nouveau Day. This year’s RANN World Art Nouveau Day Photo Contest is dedicated to My Art Nouveau Archives. The 2020 edition of World Art Nouveau Day will give us the opportunity to travel with your photos and dream about our future Art Nouveau destinations! Stay tuned on and on our Facebook page in order to know all activities organized to celebrate the European Art Nouveau heritage on the World Art Nouveau Day!

About Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau came into being in 1893 when Victor Horta introduced iron and casting into the homes of the bourgeoisie in Brussels. These industrial materials enabled him to breathe space into home interiors, allowing air and light to circulate. Nature was one of the fundamental sources of Art Nouveau (or “new style”). Art Nouveau has two faces: that of a style appropriate to new ways of life (lighting, hygiene, transport) and that of a quest to embellish daily life (artists trained in the traditional fine arts devoting themselves to the applied arts). Art Nouveau spread quickly throughout Europe thanks to photo-illustrated art magazines as well as international exhibitions. The name differed according to the country, it was called “Modernisme” in Catalonia, “Jugendstil” in Germany, “Liberty” in Italy, or “Secession” in Vienna or Prague.

World Art Nouveau Day 2024 Wishes Images

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